System Installation

Smart Vision Group offers a wide range of services in the field of energy, includes:
(Supply, Install, Operate, and maintain networks and systems) which include the
following systems:
Petroleum LPG gas, compressed natural gas, boilers, burners, heating, steam, hot water, installation of gas cylinders systems, protection, and safety systems plus the after sales services. The company’s tasks are not limited to sales tasks only, but rather aims to explain in detail how to take advantage of the systems and deal with them through the various offered courses.

Energy Solutions

The company provides wide range of solutions in the field of energy by keeping improving and developing our ways and escalate our standards to insure providing our clients an accurate and updated information and advice.
We are proud to be the only and exclusive company in the Middle East and in the world that provides solutions for energy systems in a comprehensive way. This comes in order to ensure and raise the level of energy solutions in its various fields, which are provided by engineering team with international expertise.

Maintenance Contracts

Smart Vision offers protective and preventive maintenance contract service in proportion to the needs of customers to maintain work within high standard of safety and instructions of manufacturers.
Preventive maintenance contracts include Insurance policy in accordance with the term and conditions of the company.

Spare Parts

The company supplies wide range of spare parts for installation and maintenance. It comes in the interest of the company to secure and provide a full stock of parts, which increases the efficiency of projects that work with the systems.

Burner spare parts
Protection and safety systems
Steam system parts
Compressed Natural Gas Networks Parts
Liquefied gas networks parts
Control system parts
Heating system parts
Diesel network parts

Engineering Consultancy

Offering consultancy and engineering solutions in the field of energy is something we proud of, including central gas networks systems. The heating systems. Steam & hot water systems. Natural gas system, compressed natural gas and renewable systems.
the consultations that are provided contain feasibility studies for projects and
studied and executed by our engineering department team.

Training Courses

The company holds training courses from specialized skilled full trainers in various fields aimed to raising the efficiency and skills of trainees to keep pace with developments in the fields of energy.

Safety. Engineering sales courses. Installation of networks. Social communication. Occupational health. Energy systems. Compressed Natural gas systems. Burner’s systems. Heating systems. Steam systems. Solar systems. Hot water systems, Training on safety and protection systems. And many more courses that raise the efficiency of the workforce and boost the skills of trainees and to improve their experience.

Tendering & Negotiation

The company provides the service of studying and evaluating offers for feasibility studies submitted to clients and entering negotiations (as a third party) to reach the best Results taking in consideration to maintain the confidentiality of information for both parties.